Computers are STUPID. They can only do what we tell them, or program them to do. A computer does not turn itself on or start playing computer games by itself if it bored. Well, not unless we programmers tell it to. For a computer to complete a task it has to follow a set of instructions that we provide. The order of these Instructions is VERY important or the program will not work. A set of instructions to complete a task is called an ALGORTHIM. Look below at the algorithms to save and close your work. They both have the exact same instructions only in a different order. Only the algorithm on the left will correctly close and save your work when close is clicked. The algorithm on the right only closes the program. The IF function never runs because the program is closed so you would lose your work

Program = A set of instructions for completing a task, it may contain many algorithms.

Algorithm = A set of instructions for solving a problem.

Sequence = The order in which something happens.

Instruction = Single operation of the processor (such as save or close)